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Essay on Turn up

Essay on Turn up Essay on Turn up When I turn up I do it for the team! Sometimes I want to do it for myself, but analytically that may not be possible. The pleasure aroused from my team is enough to make me a happy camper. Camping is pretty fun too I must say. Turning up is fun too. Anyone ever tried Bacardi black razz? That's my turn up sauce for when I turn up. Denmark was found to be the happiest country in 2012, but The Melancholy Dane never got the memo. Don't let poor Hamlet spend another cold winter moping, cuddling mouldering skulls, and spouting soliloquies by himself. All you need to cheer him up is a printer,cardstock, some scissors and tape!"Cheer Up, Hamlet!" is a paperdoll available for free, for nerds and geeks and Shakespeare fans alike. Several sayings come to mind as I take the edge off and self-medicate with a glass of Cabernet. One is the oft-repeated truth that â€Å"life is change†. You don’t have to live long to know the truth of that one. One day you’re a carefree college student worried only about where the weekend party will be, and the next day you’re fretting over making the mortgage payment and having that conference with your child’s teacher, because he was fighting another child on the playground. Then eventually there comes the day where those memories will be cherished, as those children go out on their own and you realize you’re not needed nearly as much by them. As you deal with the empty nest they’ve left behind, you begin to settle into the senior years. Then

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Reading test for six-year-olds to include made-up words - Emphasis

Reading test for six-year-olds to include made-up words Reading test for six-year-olds to include made-up words The latest plan to boost childrens literacy levels involves a reading test for six-year-olds, which includes made-up words like mip, fack, zort, koob and glimp. The Government scheme is intended to provide a light touch phonics-based check, to either reassure parents of their childs ability, or to identify the pupils falling behind. It would entail reading back a list of both real and made-up words, to ensure that none was just recited by rote. Some of the words may be nonsensical, but the idea may not be quite as crazy as it sounds. Teaching with phonics where words are deduced by recognising the sounds associated with letters or groups of letters has been shown to help with individual word identification and spelling. Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools, quotes academic research from Australia and the US that points to synthetic phonics being the most effective method for teaching literacy for all children, especially those aged five to seven. And one can hardly fault the Government on their stated goals. Too many children leave primary school unable to read and write properly, says Gibb. We are determined to raise standards and the new phonics-based reading check for six-year-olds will ensure that children who need extra help are given it before it is too late. But it is the prospect of a test based solely on phonics that is causing consternation among education and literacy experts in the UK. Many think it is more likely to actually put kids off reading, by isolating the act from its own rewards: understanding and enjoyment. The test is trying to control all the different variables so that things like meaning dont get in the way, says president of the UK Literacy Association (UKLA), David Reedy. We think this seems a bit bonkers when the whole purpose of reading is to understand words. And children cannot learn through phonics alone: There is the context, the sentence itself, and whether they have that word in their spoken lexicon, Reedy points out. Professor Greg Brooks, from the University of Sheffield, has also questioned the term light-touch, saying the exam will inevitably become high-stakes, with all the educational deformations that are known to attend high-stakes tests, including teaching to the test and needless anxiety for children. And, if the UKLA are to be believed, it would be needless. They assert that the results wouldnt be a good indicator of how well pupils would read connected text, or pick up meaning. Perhaps the theory is sound enough, but the test itself is just a case of too much, too early. Most children at that age are not ready to learn phonics, never mind be tested on them, says Professor Janet Moyles, an early years and play consultant from Anglia Ruskin University. Children do not have formal teaching of reading in Scandinavian countries, for example, until they are six to seven years of age and do much better than our children in formal testing later.

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Competing Value Framework Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Competing Value Framework - Research Paper Example Similarly, other tools like Managerial Behavioral Instrument and Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument gives a concrete path to analyze the organization’s position and defines where it should have to be, and assists in rearranging the business from entire the culture of the organization to individual level (Yu & Wu, 2009). Discussion Confucius defined his techniques which are also known as The Great Learning regarding development of great nation is that one must focus and incline toward his state; to build the a great nation; you need to incline towards your family initially, and to develop a great family; first you need to nurture yourself; for nurturing oneself; one needs to dictate towards learning (Blocker & Starling, 2001). These techniques were written in 5th century B.C. for aspiring leaders and it is accepted until today and accredited. Therefore, if someone wants its organization to compete effectively globally, then the relevant and appropriate culture for the organization is needed to execute effective strategies. Therefore, we need to consider ourselves before entering into this type of transformation effectively. It is a fact that the Competing Values Framework is an essential and effective tool to use which assists in determining culture not only at the individual level but also at an organizational level. It also assists in developing the path for change in organizational culture that is important for strategies going to be implemented (Cameron, 2006). Common models of leadership have divided this popular area of leadership among different comparing categories. There are various examples regarding the comparison of leadership from the literature of leadership, for instance, task theory versus socio-emotional; Theory X versus Theory Y; transactional leadership versus transformational leadership; and participative leadership versus autocratic leadership (Van & Suino, 2012). It is also found that these theories cannot be used in larger comparison and there is no other such work that compares large mixtures to examine or analyze towards defining the required leaders' behavior and to what extent it is required in leaders (Hart & Quinn, 1993). It is also to mention here that these traditional models just make us think over such leadership and it shows limits of these models which further leads to inefficiency in defining the leadership effectively (Bensimon et al., 1989). However, Robert Quinn was among those who were in an argument of saying that leadership effectiveness needs simultaneous and balancing mastery of likely paradoxical or contradictory abilities; reflectiveness and decisiveness; incremental adjustments and bold moves; and people orientation as well as performance (Hart & Quinn, 1993). It is to mention here that Quinn’s model is based on CVF for analysis of organizations. Initially, it was developed from a research that was conducted for identifying the factors of effective organizations. Quinn and Rohrbaugh in 1983 identified two main dimensions essential for the effectiveness of organization based on their statistical outcomes. The first dimension refers to a focus on the organization, from focusing internally on the individual’s development and well-being in the organization towards an external or outside focus on organization’s development and well-being.  

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Critical Book Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Critical Book Review - Research Paper Example He uses personal experience as the chairman of the council of economic advisors under the presidency of bill Clinton from the year 1993 and as the chief economist at the World Bank from 1997 to make his arguments. During this period, Stiglitz became disenchanted with the International Monetary Fund and other international institutions which he regarded as acting against the interests of the poor developing countries in favor of the developed world. He argues that the economic policies of the International Monetary Fund are based on unsound neoliberal assumptions that are only beneficial to the developed economies. The main precept of the book is that pro-globalization policies have the potential of benefitting all countries if properly undertaken and properly incorporated into the individual characteristics of each particular country. Otherwise the objectives of globalization will not be realized as it will only continue to serve the interests of the developed world leaving the developing countries lagging behind in all aspects. Globalization should therefore be embraced by all countries on their own unique terms. These countries should consider their own culture, history, and traditions while embracing globalization in order to ensure that it doesn’t work against them. The adoption of poorly designed or emulated pro-globalization policies often has the effect of being costly to the concerned countries. The resultant effect is increase in the levels of instability which renders such countries more susceptible to reduced growth, external shocks and increase in the levels of poverty. He goes on to argue that globalization has not been fairly pushed to benefit all because the policies of liberalization were haphazardly implemented in the wrong order using inadequate and at times wrong economic principles. The consequences of this as he has pointed out is that terrible results are now being felt including

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Goethes Faust - A Tragedy :: Faust Essays

Faust: A Tragedy    Webster's Dictionary says that a tragedy is a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair, or a disaster. This word and the story Faust, by Goethe, go together very well due to the amount of calamities within the tale. For this reason the subtitle "A Tragedy" is appropriate. It is befitting because of Faust's alliance with the Devil, his actions along with the Devil and the fate of two of the main characters at the end of the story. Faust: A Tragedy is very deserving of the subtitle "A Tragedy". It was definitely a tragedy that Faust allied himself with Mephisto. Whenever a person strays from the positive path of the Lord to the side of the Devil it is definitely something very negative. For ages people have been using the phrase, "he sold his soul to the Devil", with no positive connotation. Of course when this phrase was used it was just to say that that person was evil, not that they actually let Satan purchase their soul. That would be ridiculous, correct? Well that is exactly what happened in Faust's case. Due to his own flaw of not being satisfied with life itself, he strayed from the Lord and traded his soul for a higher form of entertainment. "Thinking's done with, for ever so long Learning and knowledge have sickened me....Bring on your miracles..." It is tragic when someone feels that they understand so much, or try to ignore so much to the point where they think that they should give their soul away with no fear of eternal damnation. Faust beli eves or tries to believe that there is no after life and that he can just trade away his life to the most evil being in existence with no repercussions. Falling from God and making the Devil his partner is something that deserves the title "a tragedy".   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   While working with the Devil Faust did a number of evil things, some being quite tragic. It was already bad enough that Faust decided to play games with Mephistopheles, but it was worse when he decided he wanted to draw someone else into his sick deal. Faust, being overwhelmed with lust, felt that he needed to seduce and corrupt a young girl. "Get me that, do you hear, you must!" This is even worse when you consider that it was inevitable that he would succeed with the aid of Satan.

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Benefits of Carrot

Carrots provide varied health edges. It is nourishing and fibre-wealthy vegetables, regardless of whether you devour them entirely or in a fluid. The recovery strength of carrot juice has many, e.g., it can adjust glucose, alleviate blockage, combats against irritation, enhances the standard of eyesight, useful for the properly being of hair and skin etc. Inferable from their recuperating characteristics, they may beput in straightforward on wounds, swelling to speedy cured them. Here are a few medical advantages of carrot fluids.1. Advantages for the skin:- For those who have a background marked by skin issues, add carrot drink to your daily food. A considerable quantity of diet A in carrots, give you safety against avariety of skin issues and assist you in preserving your skin healthier. Upload extra carrots for your regular eating routine and you may build the skin's wellbeing. Feeding carrot is very much useful in keeping your skin energetic, vibrant and solid. Consuming carrot fluid regularly may assist to put off numerous scars or blemishedpores and skin. Carrots have an affluent quantity of vitamin C which is a powerful water-soluble antioxidant, enables skin to recuperate quicker from outside injuriesand damage. This Vitamin also requires for keeping up the flexibility of the skin. So, everyday use of carrots can assist in stopping wrinkles, and be slowing down the way towards maturing. Carotenoids and cell reinforcements properties in carrots ensure the skin to beautify immunity in opposition to dangerous solar rays andrecuperate sunburns. Doctors advise drinking carrot fluids in summers as it fills in asa herbal solar blocking specialist. Dry skin is normally as a result of lack of potassium inside the body. Carrots are wealthy resources of potassium, and everyday utilization naturally prompts skin hydrous and moisturize. The beta-carotene, an element in carrotis useful in repairing skin tissues. 2. Benefits of Hair:A carrot has the ability to boost hair thickness and improve hair nourishment.Filled with Vitamin A, carrots can provide a bunch of benefits in your hair: Carrots are powerful in battling baldness, forming it dense, dazzling, lengthy and very intense. Carrots have abundant Vitamin C and E which can enhance blood circulation in your scalp and ultimately put a stop to untimely hair greying.Lift Immune Function:- Carrots possess a few sterile and antimicrobial capabilities that lead them to perfect for boosting the immune procedure.Beta-carotene, an immune-boosting nutrient, might assist you to keep healthy and oppose unhealthy microorganism. A season's cold virus can stick around for maybe a couple weeks,mak ing it troublesome to go to work or school. In Carrots there is a plenty of vitamin Cwhich is an antimicrobial, can assist to reduce the intensity of a cold as early as possible.Indeed, if you take two glasses of carrot squeeze every day, can enhance your immunity almost 70%!4.Brings down Blood Pressure:- Excessive LDL cholesterol may be a chief aspect inflicting coronary heart sicknesses. Carrots havehuge amounts of dietary fibre of their roots that enables to put off extra LDL cholesterol from thepartitions of arteries and blood vessels. So as to stop heart-related issues, it is imperative to intakegood quantities of carrots regularly.Researchers have discovered that consuming carrots regularlycan decrease the chances of stroke by 68%. Carrots have an opulent resource of Potassiumwhich can boost to keep control of your cholesterol level. Potassium that may be a vasodilator mayloosen up the anxiety in your veins and arteries and by reducing the strain on the circulatory system.As l ow as cholesterol levels lessen the chances of coronary illness and stroke.Regulate Diabetes:- Carrots are excellent for glucose regulation thanks to the carotenoids, antioxidants, available in them.They may be regarded as proportional affect insulin resistance and as a result, bring down glucose and lead a sound life.6. Help in Digestion:- Carrots have a decent quantity of dietary fibre in their roots. Fibre provides mass to stool, which encourages it to pass smoothly via the digestive tract. By and large, this diminishes theseverity of astringency.Enhance Eyesight:- Carrots are also very much useful for your eyes. Insufficiencies of vitamin A will cause a few issueslike seeing in the fuzzy light. Carrots are filling with vitamin A which supports to enhance eyesight and stop the situation like night visual deficiency or the incapability to see in dim light-weight or obscurity from creating as we grow older. Beta-carotene has likewise been appeared to ensure against macular degenera tion and decrepit cataracts.Defends Teeth and Gums: -Carrots can smooth your tooth and mouth as well. It can activate gums and cause a whole lot of spit, and protect your tooth against cavity-forming bacteria. Just Feed them at the tip of a meal and decreasethe danger of cavities. The minerals in carrots avoid tooth harm.Liver Safety:- Carrot concentrate might also assist to defense your liver organ from the harmful impacts ofenvironmental chemicals.So, you could eat them crude or baked and brought to just about pretty much any dinner you can consider. Marginally sweet taste and all-around health benefits make carrots well-liked. Thus, make a habit to take part in your everyday meal routine and experience all the health blessings they must provide.

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Report on Business Culture in Saudi Arabia - 2185 Words

Report on Business Culture in Saudi Arabia Executive summary: With the globalization of world business, Saudi Arabia has become an appealing market for foreign investors. But there has long been belief that the market of Saudi Arabia is difficult to develop and the culture there is inconsistent with the world. The problem of cross-cultural management arises as the cooperation between Saudi Arabia and its world partners continue to increase at an unprecedented rate. This paper analyses commercial and cultural feature of Saudi Arabia, presenting an understanding on the general cultural differences between Saudi Arabia and Singapore by applying different cultural dimensions. And it explains the influence of Arabia commercial culture on†¦show more content†¦Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one category of people from another. (Hofstede, 1991) There are four cultural dimensions that were defined in Hofstedes research: Power distance, Uncertainty avoidance, Individualism, Masculinity, and recently Hofstede add one more: long-term-short-term orientation. In this part of paper, comparison between Singapore and Saudi Arabia will be discussed, by focusing Hofstedes cultural dimensions as a point of reference 2.1 The dimension of individualism-collectivism We know that there is a diverse population in Singapore, consisting mainly of Chinese, Malay and Indians, all of which does not possess one single dominant national identity. Drawing on a variety of traditions, different ethnic groups all consider themselves important parts of the diverse society of Singapore. However, In the Saudi Arabia society, most people believe in Islam, and religious control of Islam and its influence on the country are political, economical and can be seen in peoples daily life. Neglecting of religion may cause troubles in business activities. In Islam canon, the most important are: religious service, almsgiving, fasting and pilgrimage and other activities. Religious service is a ceremony that shows gratitude,Show MoreRelatedThe Differences Between Our Culture And That Of Saudi Arabia1734 Words   |  7 Pagesmultinational company, I would have a report set up on the cultural differences between our culture and that of Saudi Arabia. In the report, there woul d be further explanation of the differences of cultures pertaining to religion and general way of communicating. Furthermore, the report would be used as a learning tool, by describing the sensitivity and actions around the different categories of cultural awareness, cultural collision, using religion as a cultural stabilizer, culture shock and the ability to adjustRead MoreEntrepreneurship Assessment Strategies For Economic Development1615 Words   |  7 PagesEntrepreneurship assessment strategies for Economic Development: Developing an implementation case for Kingdom of Saudi 1.Introduction Entrepreneurship is an extremely important aspect of the modern economy. Entrepreneurship entails improving business and the development of areas that are good for a business, people and the overall economy of a country (Galindo, Mà ©ndez-Picazo, 2013). Since the need for entrepreneurship has been widely discussed and proven through research (Isenberg, 2010; KhanRead MoreHow Is It Different Countries?1444 Words   |  6 Pagesis it to be living in different countries? Every country has their own culture because of national differences and history. Culture can be defined as the values, beliefs and perceptions of a group of people. History, tradition and religion are the main influences on culture. This essay will analyze some of the main aspects of the political systems, economic systems and systems of stratification and inequality in Saudi Arabia and UAE. As a woman living in one county could be totally different thanRead MoreSaudi Arabia Case Study1214 Words   |  5 PagesThe Saudi Arabian marketplace is recovering from a declining price of oil, their number one source of income. Since the price of oil has been declining over the last few years, the oil market and therefore the county has been functioning in a deficit. Since there no personal income tax, the government relies heavily on the oil. They have been trying to get more foreign investors by and they have been doing that by selling bonds, $17.5 billion to be exact. (Kim, 2016) Saudi Ara bia has also startedRead MoreHow Requirement Engineering And The Saudi Software Firms Essay835 Words   |  4 Pagesperformed in the Saudi software firms. This section is divided into three sections. First, I report participant demographics following the thematic process used to identify the themes. Last, I report the RE process and technique presented in study participants answer. ====== The final sample for this study included eight participants in total. Five software professions represented five different software organisations inSaudi Arabian, one senior academy and one lecturer in public Saudi University representedRead MoreMarket Analysis : Saudi Arabia1700 Words   |  7 PagesMarket analysis summary Among the countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia contains some of the largest markets with over 27 million consumers and several global enterprises. Saudi society is often described as young, dynamic and affluent which often cause rapid growth in several sectors. It has the world s 19th largest economy and the region s highest influx of FDI. Public-private partnerships are not uncommon in the Kingdom which allows many avenues for venture capital funding. FurthermoreRead MoreMarket Analysis : Saudi Arabia1700 Words   |  7 PagesMarket analysis summary Among the countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia contains some of the largest markets with over 27 million consumers and several global enterprises. Saudi society is often described as young, dynamic and affluent which often cause rapid growth in several sectors. It has the world s 19th largest economy and the region s highest influx of FDI. Public-private partnerships are not uncommon in the Kingdom which allows many avenues for venture capital funding. FurthermoreRead MorePosition Paper1723 Words   |  7 PagesStructured Position Paper Structured Position Paper SABIC SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia- Riyadh 24/04/12 SABIC SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia- Riyadh 24/04/12 Student Name SABIC Saudi Arabia considered one of the global market players, where at this paper I will highlight a commentary and analysis to the company vision and mission and a brief SOWT Analysis and company competitive advantage. Student Name SABIC Saudi Arabia considered one of the global market players, where at this paper I will highlight aRead MoreKassatly Chtaura1648 Words   |  7 Pagesthe firm extend its supply network or manufacture a new factory and move some operations to Angola or Saudi Arabia? They are in distant locations with distinct cultures, although these are assuring markets. Or should it stay put and expand its operations by introducing a brand new product, beer? Adding to Saudi Arabia successful portfolio realize a household vision, and will complement its business strengths in Lebanon, especially when reinforced by its highly successful advertising campaigns. GivenRead MoreAn Alaysis of the Importance of Cross Cultural Awareness for Managers Working in the Banking Industry in Saudi Arabia2462 Words   |  10 PagesBUSINESS MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN GLOBALISATION AN ALAYSIS OF THE IMPORTANCE OF CROSS CULTURAL AWARENESS FOR MANAGERS WORKING IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY IN SAUDI ARABIA Rashed Alzhrany Due Date: 07/ 01 / 2013 Abstract introduction Now days, the world becomes a one village. Although, there are different kinds of management styles and cultures impact on business management in the world, employees needs to increase