Friday, November 22, 2019

Research methodology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research methodology - Essay Example According to Johnson (2008), some scholars argue that domestic violence is mainly perpetrated by men, while others argue that women are equally violent as their male counterparts in intimate relationships. The second debate involves establishing the number of women that are abused by their partners annually. According to Leone et al. (2007), between two to six million women are abused by their partners globally per year. However, Johnson (2008) argues that these estimates are generalized, ignoring the types of violence perpetrated in an intimate partner relationship. This is a research methodology of establishing the types of intimate partner violence and the number of women that are afflicted by the violence in New York City in United States. According to Johnson, (2008), domestic violence does not occur as a unitary incident. Johnson, (2008) classifies intimate partner violence into four types. These include intimate terrorism, situational couple violence, mutual violence and violent resistance. This classification is based on the part that power and control play in an intimate relationship. To collect information on the types of intimate partner violence, this study will concentrate on establishing the number of women that are abused annually in the United States. Using Johnson (2008) classification of intimate partner violence, the number of abused case will be established. This study will cover New York City whereby the data of abused persons in relationships will be obtained from health records in hospitals and other facilities such as pol ice departments, counseling institutions where cases of domestic violence are reported. This information will be obtained from the database of these institutions where applicable. In addition, collecting the data directly from responsible authorities in these institutions and victims of domestic violence will be undertaken in order to include statistics of intimate

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