Friday, September 13, 2019

Case Study Of Child Abuse Counselling

In order to arrange initial meetings with the clients certain steps have to be considered:- The collection and the storage of the data should comply with the established legislation of privacy and confidentiality. Before the collection of the information, consents should be taken from the clients and they should be informed about the reasons for the interviews (Mealer & Jones, 2014). According to the Privacy Act, an individual’s consent is required before collecting any information ("Privacy law| Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - OAIC", 2018).   All the pros and the cons of the interview and the reason behind the conduction of the interview should be informed off. One of the ethical dilemmas that can arise is that all the information will be obtained without letting the McLeod’s know anything. Hence a client might find him or her getting into their personal matter. Hence, the neighbors should also be informed about the norms about child abuse and the consequences and the anonymity of the respondants has to be maintained. Disclosure of any s ources of information to the McLeod’s regarding their neighbor’s is strictly prohibited as per the law. Questions that may involve deception and unusual psychological stresses should be avoided (Mealer & Jones, 2014). Goldman, J. D., & Grimbeek, P. (2015). Preservice teachers’ sources of information on mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.  Journal of child sexual abuse,  24(3), 238-258. Graycar, R. (2012). Family law reform in Australia, or frozen chooks revisited again?.  Theoretical Inquiries in Law,  13(1), 241-269. Mealer, M., & Jones, J. (2014). Methodological and ethical issues related to qualitative telephone interviews on sensitive topics.  Nurse Researcher (2014+),  21(4), 32. Parkinson, P. (2013). The idea of family relationship centres in Australia.  Family Court Review,  51(2), 195-213. Privacy law| Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - OAIC. (2018).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Retrieved 11 February 2018, from Rogers, A., & Pilgrim, D. (2014).  A sociology of mental health and illness. McGraw-Hill Education (UK).

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