Monday, September 23, 2019

Research Project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Project - Research Paper Example Ubuntu is a completely open source operating system which is designed using the methodology of a Linux kernel. While Linux had already made a mark as an enterprise server medium in 2004, it did not offer software free of cost for everyday computer use. A group of them ventured to develop a simple desktop which they called Ubuntu. Their objective was to integrate Linux into the social and economic fabric by offering free software on consistent terms and conditions, and to finance it through the various services offered by Canonical (Helmke & Graner, 2013). Ubuntu’s differentiating quality from the other products of Linux lies in the fact that it does not endeavor separately in developing upscale versions and the regular, free of charge, ‘community’ ones. There is a collaboration to produce a distinct, superior quality edition, which is maintained on a regular basis for a committed period of time. The release of a particular version as well as its maintenance is fre e of charge for everyone. Ubtutu’s version 4.10, which carried the code name of Warty Warthog, was unveiled in October 2004, and there was already much enthusiasm about this new operating system. In just a year’s time follow this, the number of Ubuntu users swelled, and the company boasted sales of literally a massive amount of free software. With regards to the governance of Ubuntu, volunteer experts from the world over have undertaken the responsibility to look after the most important and crucial aspects of this software. Canonical is not solely involved and it is therefore an established fact that the Ubuntu project is maintained through a connection between Canonical and the thousand of independent experts who apply their skills to render Ubuntu the Operating System of choice for all its users (Grant, 2012). With the recent growth in demand for light, mobile desktop connectivity, as well as on the Cloud data environment, Ubuntu has evolved further, leading the pac k of software and OS developers in both areas. There is the Ubuntu Netbook version as well as the Ubunti Enterprise Cloud. These have established rather lofty standard for effective and efficient information dissemination as well as management. The Amazon EC2 and Rackspace’s Cloud both carry the Ubuntu editions, and it also comes installed on desktop PCs distributed by Dell, Lenovo, and several other vendors. 2. Features Ubuntu consists of several software equipments, most of which are sold without any licensing fee. The main objective of Ubuntu is to provide a user friendly, solid, and risk free operation system platform. Its Ubiquity installer makes it easy to fix it onto the hard drive of a computer, and there is no need to reboot the machine beforehand. There is much focus to availability and access to Ubuntu for an unlimited amount of users. The Ubuntu desktop is rather prestigious in appearance, stylish yet simple. Its speed is rapid, it is reliable and secure, and offe rs numerous features which allow for a unique computing experience. Among these features, there is web surfing, office applications, socializing and emailing facilities, music and mobile accessories, photography and images, the Ubuntu Software Centre, and Ubuntu One. This last one is the

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