Thursday, September 26, 2019

Security of Big Data Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Security of Big Data - Research Paper Example Big Data are pivotal in many organizations because it allows respective stakeholders to view and analyze data. Before the advent of Big Data, information about customers and business were overwhelming. With Big Data, stakeholders can truly take this raw information and convert into data that can assist them in making real-time decisions. The challenge in many organizations is the fact that majority of decisions are made based on estimated guesses. One of the best elements of Big Data is the fact that it reduces any ‘guesswork’. Moreover, it allows the organization to understand customer behavior in a much meaningful way. Another huge aspect of Big Data is the collaboration aspect as it allows users to interact and use this data. Imagine an organization in which the marketing department requires key reports from the technology department. Clearly, the issue of latency can be a factor that can delay essential decision making. Hence, it is only evident that securing Big Dat a is essential because it holds true information because securing data is not only regulated by compliance, but can potentially fall into wrong hands. Securing data saves organization from financial implications that can have detrimental effects for everyone. One of the worst vulnerabilities for user domains are insider attacks. Insider attacks occur. For instance, denial of service and spoofing are one the most common themes that occur. The problem is the fact that intercepting authentication or other sensitive information can be executed with the current WAN technology in Big Data. Moreover, spoofing can also be conducted since an intruder can deceive the network that it recognizes a possible unauthorized access. The problem with installing firewalls in a user domain is the fact that they are fully feasible. Insider attacks occur when one user domain gains more privilege than the other user and

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